👉 Cookie Transfermation™ is an EASY, unique decorating method built for all bakers! In just 1 hour you'll gain the knowledge to decorate 100+ of our cookie designs!


SO HOW?! Do You Get Perfect Results The 1st Time, AND also...

  • Say goodbye to royal icing mistakes and embarrassing cookies?
  • Ditch expensive cookie decorating classes and memberships, and hours and hours of practice?
  • ...And FINALLY make cookies you can be proud of without all of the struggle, frustration and intimidation?


...I get it! That was me!

Tell Me Something- Have You Had These Thoughts?  

  • I'm new to cookie decorating and it looks way too complicated.
  • I thought decorating would be easier and faster than it was - but it was much harder and took longer, making me want to give up.
  • I can never get the royal icing consistency right and end up with a big mess OR my hands aren't steady so it's hard to keep lines straight - My cookies end up looking sloppy and I can never get the designs to look nice no matter how hard I try.
  • It takes me hours to make a small amount of cookies and I hate spending all that time only to end up with cookies that are embarrassing to share. 
Trust me, I've been through it all and it's super unmotivating! 
And if you're like my other students who first came to me, you probably dream of making pretty cookies but feel like you'll never be able to do it. 

Let me share some advice with you, since I've been doing this a long time...



Even when you've developed the techniques over months or years of practice, one small slip, one crooked line and BAM!

All your hard work is ruined.

But that's not the only thing.

Why does it have to take SO LONG and take SO MUCH EFFORT to make pretty cookies?!

The LENGTHY amount of time you need for decorated cookies makes it a lot less approachable and limits your ability to make them more frequently (...and who says no to MORE cookies!?)

Do you really want to spend hours at the kitchen counter, painstakingly piping royal icing while worrying the whole time if the end result is even going to look good?!

I don't know about you, but I'm a busy lady! If I'm making cookies for a party or holiday, I don't have the time to devote an entire afternoon to dealing with mess ups and ending up with only 4 cookies that I actually feel comfortable sharing with my friends and family.

I don't want you to have to go through all of that.

You shouldn't have to settle for messy cookies just because you don't have a completely steady hand (I don't!)

Or because you accidentally smudge the icing (ouch)

And you most certainly shouldn't have to spend $30+ on a class to learn ONE COOKIE DESIGN (yeah no...that just seems unfair)

You can change all that with the ONLY PLUG AND PLAY system for making decorated cookies!

I created Cookie Transfermation because I got tired of all the time, effort, and money it took to make pretty cookies for holidays and special events.

This easy-to-use cookie decorating system was developed to take away all the guesswork for making perfect decorated cookies every single time.

You'll have everything you need to decorate cookies with professional results every time - no matter your skill level! 

With our new and simple cookie decorating method, you'll be able to master your favorite designs quickly and easily!

Just follow the step-by-step templates and start sharing pretty homemade treats today!

Introducing Cookie Transfermation!

The New and EASY Way to Create Perfectly Decorated Cookies in HALF the Time!

Ready-to-go templates that you can quickly and easily trace instead of free-handing it, allowing you to make stunningly beautiful cookies every time.

Detailed video tutorials teaches you everything you need to know about royal icing and how to use the templates in just 1 short hour.

You get every tip and trick I know from my 10+ years of experience, including how to finally get the perfect royal icing consistency.

And you gain the confidence you need to make cookies that are totally Instagram worthy!! Our students are constantly WOWING their friends and family with their works of edible art!

  • 100+ Print Out Design Templates, major US holidays, letters, numbers &  more! (over a $500 Value)
  • 365/24/7 course access via our online portal
  • HD Video instructions to learn everything you need to know and gain the confidence to get started ($100 Value)
  • FAQ Guide - we've got ALL your questions covered ($30 Value)
  • Shopping List- you only need a few things to get started, plus recommendations for custom cookie looks ($15 Value)

Now Only $97

(A $645 Value)

+ get my Holiday Book for FREE (a $19.97 value for a limited time)


It's Time To Give Your Cookies The Upgrade They Deserve!

Our system is SO EASY that our students REALLY DO have success on their very 1st try!! (with only 1 hour of video tutorials!)

Why So Many Bakers are LOVING This New Way of Decorating Cookies

See it in Action!!

How is Cookie Transfemation different than traditional cookie decorating methods? Click play to see a direct side-by-side video.


Save Money with Homemade

Paying for decorated cookies from a shop is VERY expensive!

With this course, you'll learn how to make beautiful, homemade cookies for life!

If you ordered a dozen of every cookie design in Cookie Transfermation at a shop, you would pay over $6,000!

Plus, you only need 1 cookie cutter and limited supplies to get started!

Save Time and Frustration

Our design templates take the guesswork out of cookie decorating making it SUPER FAST compared to traditional methods!!

No more messy icing mistakes!

We developed a unique system that makes it super fun and easy!

You'll get perfect results in HALF the time (or less!), every time.

Share Something Sweet!

Impress your friends and family no matter your skill level! 

With Cookie Transfermation, you'll be able to master tons of designs quickly and easily at home.

If you can color in the lines of a coloring book, you can create beautiful decorated cookies worthy of any occasion.

  • Showing off your beautiful cookie creations and impressing your friends and family? 
  • Walking in like a BOSS to your child's school bake sale?
  • Winning first place at your office holiday bake off? 
  • Making casual get-togethers with friends EXTRA special? 
  • Launching a side hustle cookie business at home to earn some extra cash?


With Cookie Transfermation, you'll be able to make beautiful cookies easily, quickly, with PERFECT results ever time. It is a no-fail system (unlike traditional cookie decorating methods) that will make you excited and proud to share your beautiful homemade cookies!


"I can't believe I actually made these!

This was my first time making transfers with royal icing and these came out beautiful! Could not have done it without Cookie Transfermation to walk me through it all! I can't wait to show everyone!" - Angela

"I was so proud when I saw the final product!

Keep in mind I’ve never decorated cookies other than sprinkles and had a 3yr old helping at most times.

For anyone that likes to bake or doesn’t but wants to impress everyone at a holiday, occasion or school event, I highly recommend cookie transfermation!!

I never thought I could do something like this but your product made it so easy!!" - Meredith


Cookie Transfermation is SO EASY you can make showstopping cookies during the week, just in time to WOW EVERYONE at the bake sale!


Selling decorated cookies is a HOT business! You can use our cookie designs to make extra cash from home or expand your already existing baking business!


Show off your competitive side and WIN! With cookies that look as good as they taste, you'll wipe out the competition (no one will EVER know how easy it is!)

Check Out Some of Our Designs!!

We have a library of over 100 designs (you get them all!) and you can mix and match for a totally custom cookie set!

Excited to Get Started?!

Here's What You Get!

  • 100+ Print Out Design Templates, major US holidays, letters, numbers & more! (over a $500 Value)
  • 365/24/7 course access via our online portal
  • HD Video instructions to learn everything you need to know and gain the confidence to get started ($100 Value)
  • FAQ Guide ($30 Value)
  • Shopping List ($15 Value)

Now Only $97

($645 in value)



  1. Other cookie decorating courses charge you per design. With CT, you get access to our ENTIRE collection (100+ designs)...INCLUDING new design releases!! 🤯
  2. Other cookie decorating courses require a monthly subscription and limit your access. With CT, there are NO limits! You get LIFETIME access (what monster would limit cookies?! 😜)
  3. Other cookie decorating courses require many tools & accessories. With CT, you only need 4 basic tools and just 1 cookie cutter!
  4. Live cookie decorating classes don't provide replay options. CT gives you the ability to revisit lessons anytime for LIFE. No need to take notes, or have a perfect memory!
  5. Others charge a minimum of $30+ per class! 💰😲 This means if CT was offered as individual classes, it would cost over $3,000!

NEVER suffer through complicated techniques, intimating classes, or deal with embarrassing cookies again!

 No other course is packed with this much value!


In Case I Missed Anything, Here Are Some Frequently Asked Questions

Upon completing your enrollment, you will receive an email immediately, giving you INSTANT access to the entire course AND growing library of cookie design print outs!

Yes yes yes!! Cookie Transfermation was designed for first time cookie decorators. If you are a complete newbie to the cookie decorating world, you'll have all the resources you need to get started to make beautiful decorated cookies!

If you already have some experience, that's great! The Cookie Transfermation technique is faster and easier than traditional piping methods so I know you're going to love it!

You'll get a full list in the course, but you'll need the following:

  • Cookies & royal icing (use your favorite recipes, I'll also share mine!)
  • Food coloring to make lots of pretty colors!

The ONLY tools you'll need are:

  • A cookie cutter (at least 2.5" x 3" in size)
  • Piping bags
  • A black edible ink marker
  • A scribe (one of those cookie stick things!)
  • Clear document/sheet protectors
  • Access to a printer


We're realists, we're not going to pretend Google and the Internet doesn't exist. You can certainly go through the arduous process of searching for something to use there. 

Here's why it's NOT advisable. 

  • Using a regular image to trace on will result in a flat, one-dimensional transfer.
  • It will look basic and lack style or detail. 
  • Once you cover the base area with icing, you won't have any guide remaining to trace the details!
  • Piping more than one color of icing in the same space may cause color bleed.
  • You'll spend hours searching for an image that will work well.
  • We could go on and on...

Our specialized templates are segmented, which quickly assemble to a completed cookie design. This system results in stunning dimension and a bakery-quality look!

Each of our designs are scaled with precision to ensure they will all fit perfectly within the suggested cookie cutter size, allowing you to make all the designs using one cookie cutter. 

Our templates are carefully crafted by a professional graphic artist, and each one is tested by Liz herself, giving you peace of mind knowing that they will work reliably every time!

And, they're all right here for you, quickly accessible and ready to go!

There are a total of 8 video tutorial lessons covering the foundations of making cookies, royal icing, how to make our unique royal icing transfers, and everything in between!

You'll also receive all my expert tips (everything 10 years of cookie decorating has taught me!), a comprehensive FAQ guide, and more!

ABSOLUTELY!! This is an excellent way to host a cookie decorating party (especially for kids!)

Simply make all of the pieces and allow them to dry ahead of time. Your guests will have fun assembling the designs and will walk out with finished cookies!!

Yes! You'll have access to my Perfect Sugar Cookie Cut Out recipe and my Famous Royal Icing recipe, but feel free to use your favorites!!

Yes. The flooded cookies and royal icing transfers will need to dry for approximately 8-10 hours. But don't worry! I show you how to make cookies from start to finish in 24 hours!

Our designs are specifically made for Cookie Transfermation! You will have access to more than 100+ designs...that's way over a $500 value!

Did I mention our library is always growing?? I want to give you as much value as possible which means I'm continually adding more designs for FREE!

We do not offer custom design orders at this time but we are always adding new designs!

Feel free to drop us a note or suggestion for a design you'd like and we'll see what we can do!

[email protected]

Some styles of cookie decorating can be time intensive. First, the cookies need to be flooded and dried, which can take 8-10 hours when air drying. Only then, can you START to decorate all the details on top of the cookie. It also takes time to pipe intricate details onto the cookie surface directly, since you have to be sooo careful or else you risk ruining the entire cookie!

With Cookie Transfermation, you save time by flooding the cookie and piping the details at the same time. Once everything dries, assembling the pieces is quick and much easier than piping icing directly onto the cookie

Due to the nature of digital downloads and print out designs, we cannot offer refunds, however we understand what it's like to pay for something and not have it work out...it stinks! That's why we continue to work extra hard to make Cookie Transfermation the most valuable cookie decorating course available! If for any reason you need help we are here for you! Reach out to us directly and we'll do our best to respond within 48 hours. 

We want everyone to have a great experience and enjoy cookie decorating! 


My Story

How I Ditched Painstaking Cookie Decorating Methods for GOOD

Hi! I'm Liz! I am a professional food blogger, food photographer, recipe developer, market research professional, entrepreneur and cookie lover!

I've baked and decorated THOUSANDS of cookies for all kinds of special events and every time, I had a moment of struggle.

Even with all my experience, I was still dealing with cookies that I was not proud of. 

Not to mention the $$ THOUSANDS $$ of dollars I spent on classes, dozens of cookie cutters, piping tips and specialty tools!

I became frustrated with the tedious, time consuming process that traditional cookie decorating brings, and I knew I wasn't the only one!

I've hacked the cookie decorating process into an easy to use, no-fail system to help people achieve perfection on their first try.

Making beautiful cookies at home shouldn't require tons of practice or complicated techniques to learn.

With Cookie Transfermation, anyone can do it!!


Course Curriculum


  • 100+ Cookie Design Templates
  • Shopping List
  • Pro Tips
  • FAQ/ Guide
  • 24/7 Course Access
  • Expert advice from me for guaranteed success!

Video Lessons (Learn everything in just 1 hour!)

Lesson 1: How to make my famous royal icing & how to take the guesswork on getting the right consistency

Lesson 2: How to prepare a piping bag and achieve a smooth icing flow

Lesson 3: How to flood cookies for a completely smooth surface and without icing overflowing on the sides

Lesson 4: How to make our unique royal icing transfers that will totally change the way you decorate cookies

Lesson 5: How to assemble the royal icing transfers to create beautiful cookies that will impress your friends and family

Lesson 6: How to enhance the cookies for a totally custom look

Lesson 7: How to make letters and write on cookies that will make you look like a pro cookie decorator!

Lesson 8: Our perfect no-chill sugar cookie cut out recipe

Transfer Design Templates: 100+ print out designs you can only find here!

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