Cookie Transfermation is the new and EASY way to create decorated cookies with perfect results in HALF the time! 

It is a no-fail method so you can finally feel excited and proud to share beautiful homemade cookies, instead of feeling embarrassed with messy cookies!

Join the full course now and transform the way you decorate cookies!



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Making decorated cookies is unapproachable for the average home baker...until now!

And spending all your time watching YouTube videos or signing up for expensive classes where you learn how to decorate only 1 cookie design, is not going to help you make perfect-looking cookies for your upcoming event.

Baking is based on a science and system, why does cookie decorating have to be any different? It doesn't! 

So why would you continue to suffer through complicated techniques, intimating classes, or deal with embarrassing-looking cookies again?!

Is it because you are thinking...

  • I'm new to cookie decorating and it looks way too complicated
  • I thought decorating would be easier than it was but I can't get my cookies to actually look nice
  • My hands aren't always steady so it's hard to keep designs looking nice
  • It takes me hours to make a small amount of cookies

I've been there and it's super unmotivating!

 It's time to ditch painstaking cookie decorating methods for GOOD!


Here's What You'll Get

With this digital course, you'll learn a new way to decorate cookies that's easy, fast, and fun! Anyone can do it, so no matter what your level of expertise is, you'll end up with beautiful cookies you can be proud of!

We’ll teach you everything you need to know to get started with cookie decorating in a new and exciting way!

  1. Other cookie decorating courses charge you per design. With CT, you get access to our ENTIRE collection (100+ designs)...INCLUDING new design releases!! 🤯
  2. Other cookie decorating courses require a monthly subscription and limit your access. With CT, there are NO limits! You get LIFETIME access (what monster would limit cookies?! 😜)
  3. Other cookie decorating courses require many tools & accessories. With CT, you only need 4 basic tools and just 1 cookie cutter!
  4. Live cookie decorating classes don't provide replay options. CT gives you the ability to revisit lessons anytime for LIFE. No need to take notes, or have a perfect memory!
  5. Others charge a minimum of $30+ per class! 💰😲 This means if CT was offered as individual classes, it would cost over $3,000!

Video Tutorials ($100 value)

Learn how to make PERFECT royal icing, how to flood cookies, how to achieve a smooth icing flow, and how make the royal icing transfers using our templates!

100+ Templates ($500+ value)

Make cookies for any and every holiday & occasion! Struggling with learning how to write on cookies? Use the letter templates to make writing on cookies a breeze!

FAQ & Pro Tips

($45 value)

Become an expert in cookie decorating FAST! Get access to the Tips/FAQ guide to learn everything there is to know about royal icing & cookie decorating!


Course Curriculum


  • 100+ Cookie Design Templates
  • Shopping List
  • Pro Tips
  • FAQ/ Guide
  • 24/7 Course Access
  • Expert advice from me for guaranteed success!

Video Lessons (Learn everything in just 1 hour!)

Lesson 1: How to make my famous royal icing & how to take the guesswork on getting the right consistency

Lesson 2: How to prepare a piping bag and achieve a smooth icing flow

Lesson 3: How to flood cookies for a completely smooth surface and without icing overflowing on the sides

Lesson 4: How to make our unique royal icing transfers that will totally change the way you decorate cookies

Lesson 5: How to assemble the royal icing transfers to create beautiful cookies that will impress your friends and family

Lesson 6: How to enhance the cookies for a totally custom look

Lesson 7: How to make letters and write on cookies that will make you look like a pro cookie decorator!

Lesson 8: Our perfect no-chill sugar cookie cut out recipe

Transfer Design Templates: 100+ print out designs you can only find here!


Hi! I'm Liz,

I am a professional food blogger, recipe developer, food photographer, and cookie aficionado!

I have over 25 years of baking experience and have made thousands of cookies for all kinds of special events.

Over the years, the #1 question my clients, family and friends ask did you make so many decorated cookies that come out so perfect!?

Until now, this method has been MY BEST KEPT SECRET 🤫, but after seeing how many people struggle with traditional cookie decorating due to the time, equipment, and skill necessary to succeed, I decided to create a course specifically designed to help my fellow bakers and cookie lovers! 

I've hacked the cookie decorating process into an easy to use, no-fail system to help people achieve cookie perfection on their first try!

Cookie Transfermation™ is an EASY, unique decorating system designed for ANY SKILL LEVEL!

  • In just 1 hour, my video lessons will teach you everything you need to know about royal icing, so you can get right to the fun part!
  • My course includes over 100+ professionally designed cookie templates and growing, we have templates for every occasion!
  • Our design templates take the guesswork out of cookie decorating making it SUPER FAST, SUPER FUN & SUPER SIMPLE!

What Are You Waiting For? 

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